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Consolidate online passwords in one place

Posted by Head Chiquita on Tuesday, June 7, 2011, In : Office Tips 

My hubbie recently had a hissy-fit because he couldn't log in to his Sanlam account and I am sure this is a frustration many of you share with him. To avoid a tirade keep a list of the website, the login and passwords on hand.

If you need a template, email Neat Freak and we'll send you the free Office pack, as one is included in this.

Happy surfing..

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Make a decision then and there

Posted by Head Chiquita on Tuesday, June 7, 2011, In : Office Tips 

We are all inundated with mail (snail mail or email) and we generally leave it to pile up until it is spilling out all over the place. This can be avoided if you make an immediate decision about what you need to do with each piece of paper or email.

When you get the post, open the envelopes immediately, toss the ads you don't want in a recycling bin and place the accounts to pay in a designated spot.

For emails, delete as you go and move them into folders per the subjects (e...

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