10 Top Tips to Organise your Office-Life

September 2, 2013
Dear budding neat freaks,

After almost two months of being unable to do a lot of my usual work therefore moving my office to my bedroom, I really miss the organisation my work used to enjoy. As getting an organised office is our focus this month, here are my 10 top tips to help you organise your office-life (in the hope that it will make me feel better about not being in mine)!

Sift, sort and chuck: Going through paperwork can be a drag but it’s a vital part of creating an organised office. You should also chuck out old equipment that isn't working but seems very at home on your office floor!

Create a system: A good filing system is vital. Invest in something that functions for your needs such as drop-file systems to lever-arch files to filing cabinets.

Go paperless: As much as possible, consider the paper-less route. Many businesses are going this route to save trees (and their sanity). Email me if you want more info.

Do an audit: Identify exactly what you will need in order to achieve the vision you have for your office space.

Get stuff you need: I know I told you to chuck stuff, but part of acquiring an organised office-life might require you to equip it properly. Invest in functional items such as wall-mounted or desk paper trays, notice boards for planning and correspondence with other staff members, a shredder, productivity software, possibly training and staff development as well as furniture.

Create a work plan: Schedule when admin is going to be done as if it is for a client. Keep to your schedule and admin will be breeze. Do the same for other aspects of your business that you need to attend to each month.

Consolidate daily planning: Operate from one diary (electronic or otherwise) that has enough space to plan your day and write some notes when necessary. If you have a notepad for ideas and notes, then use one at a time.
For work-(at)-homers

Define your space and make space: You shouldn't have to sift through toys to get to your documents so if you don't have a dedicated room for work, try to partition space wisely to avoid 'home-work' contamination.

Set boundaries early on and reinforce them. Make sure that everyone in your home environment knows that they only disturb you if they really have to. This is so tough to implement but really valuable if you get it right.

Factor in personal activities, remembering to schedule them into your day. This is probably the one thing that work-at-hom(ers) struggle with the most because it is so easy to get sidetracked and tempted by a coffee with friends. Make sure these ‘private’ activities fit your day’s purpose.

Happy organising!

Head Chiquita


Organised and happy kids!

September 2, 2013
Dear budding neat freaks,

What a month I am having! After breaking my ankle mid-June and only two weeks later having surgery to have pins put in, I've seen more of my bedroom ceiling than I would care to admit. Everyone is telling me that everything happens for a reason and that this was the Universe's way of getting me to slow down. On a good day I agree, on a bad day, I am just a bionic woman with an axe to grind!

What does this little personal crisis have to do with organised and happy kids?...

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Get your creative juices flowing

September 2, 2013
Dear budding neat freaks,

I am not a crafter but I can understand where the attraction lies. It is wonderful to make something unique not to mention the fact that crafting gives one such a creative outlet. Despite this however, I have yet to meet a crafter who is happy with their craft space. Why? Because there are often too many things in the space which in turn leads to a lot of frustration! This month, we are all about crafting at Neat Freak. And since we know so many of you love to be crea...

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10 space-saving ideas for cramped kitchens

May 28, 2013
May 2013 Newsletter

Gone are the days when we lived in homes with opulent reception rooms and kitchens large enough to cater for a small army. Nowadays it is all about open-plan entertainment areas or cramped modern living. So what do we do if we still want to have a functioning kitchen but don’t have the space to do it? Here's how we can make space magically appear!

Maximise your wall space by going to the ceiling with shelving. High shelving isn’t going to be useful for everyday it...

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Organised Office - Organised Mind!

May 28, 2013
April Newsletter -2013

When I was with a client recently she confided to me that her office is so disorganised that she feels like her mind is about to explode! Since I quite like my client (we'll call her Sam), I suggested to her that we avoid such an explosion and rather set about installing systems and solutions for her that would create a more productive space. When she remained circumspect, I reminded her that a loss of income will be the result of working in an environment that isn't fun...

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