"I cannot tell you how amazing, easy, calm, quiet, uneventful, no "shouting and screaming" this morning was starting school with Cath! She watched soccer with friends last night till after 12 and had nothing ready for school and had no idea where her school clothes were but because you had been in her room, she was dressed and ready before 7am with not one murmur!!! Usually she could only find one sock or one hair clip or the wrong skirt!!! 
Thank you so so so so much. We even managed to make our own homemade special birthday cards on Saturday as we now knew where all our arts and crafts stuff was! You truly are an angel and you are using your gifts from God very wisely!!! I can't wait for you to come and do the rest of the house!!!"

Mandy Slabbert (Dawncliffe, Westville)